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Grays Asset Services is the valuation division of Grays and is an industry leader in the valuation of Plant and Machinery. Valuations are completed for both Australian based and International clients across a diverse range of asset categories and industries for varied valuation purposes.

Grays employs over 20 Certified Plant and Machinery valuers, in the previous 12 months to the current date Grays valuers have prepared over 450 valuations, totaling in excess of $1Billion Market Value. At Grays we take the time to identify your valuation requirements to produce a cost effective yet professional valuation solution. With our national footprint, Grays valuers provide valuation services from each of our State Offices and from some key regional areas.

How Grays Can Help You

Grays team of valuers have the combined experience and knowledge to provide valuation assistance for all standard asset categories. Specialised assets or manufacturing processes are appraised utilising our experienced team’s combined depth of knowledge and an applicable valuation methodology.

We recognise that every valuation whether it's for a single motor vehicle, a fleet of mining assets or a chain of franchised restaurants, is unique and has its own specific valuation requirements. The valuer must have the experience to recognise the valuation requirements and then apply an applicable and professional methodology utilising the best available research tools to derive a credible opinion of value.

What Makes Us Different

The Grays auction sale database has been compiled over many years and provides unmatched industry insight into the historic realisation and real time current value of assets across a diverse range of industries. It is this database that enables our valuers to provide credible valuations supported by documented market evidence. To balance our research Grays also holds subscriptions with various third-party market analysis and statistic entities.

Over many years Grays has also established relationships with major OEM's, resellers and industry operators. This provides a direct communication channel to gain understanding of NEW pricing structures, current inventory stock levels, delivery time frames and secondary market conditions.

Grays has offices in every state of Australia which reduces travel expenses and turnaround time for plant and equipment valuations.

Professional Valuation Associations

Guaranteed Expertise

To ensure we observe professional standards and maintain integrity our certified valuers are affiliated with either an API, AVAA or ASA designation. Due to the varied industry exposure provided to our valuers by the Grays business operations, our valuation team has the experience to value assets from all industry sectors.


David Jeffs – Senior Valuer/Valuation Manager – WA

B.Com (Law) / ASA, Accredited Senior Appraiser / AVAA, Certified Practicing Valuer

M: 0417 902 767


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