Your Guide to Diamonds
Your Guide to Diamonds
What is a diamond?
Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, formed deep within the earth under intense pressure and heat conditions. They are 10 on the Mohs scale of harness, 10 being the hardest. A diamond is so hard because of the special bonding between diamond atoms making it extremely durable.

This superior hardness and durability make diamonds an ideal choice for engagement rings. Their dazzling brilliance and resistance to chemicals they come into contact with every day, make them the most popular choice for an important occasion.

Where do Diamonds come from?

Diamonds are found in the oldest regions of the earth. In fact, diamonds can be as old as 3.3 billion years and as young as 900 million years. Having been formed deep below the earth’s crust under very high pressure and temperature conditions. The process takes millions of years to occur, only coming to the earth’s surface in violent explosions thousands of years ago.