Shin Brandy Umeshu is a plum wine blended with brandy. It is carefully hand-brewed using Japanese plums and Eigashima’s century-old brand Charmant brandy aged 7 years. ?Rich with complex aroma of brandy and sour-sweet plum wine?, this is a truly ?unique product? which is surely bound to intrigue even the most avid of drinkers?.? Ingredients?: ?Brandy?, ?Plum Wine?, ?Sugar?.Umeshu is a highly popular alcoholic beverage in Japan. It is an alcoholic beverage made by plums harvested in June which have been soaked in liquor. It has a sweet, sour taste, and an alcohol content of 10–15%. The taste and aroma of umeshu can appeal to even those people who normally dislike alcohol. It also stimulates appetites and has minerals and calcium.Alcohol Content 15.00%

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