How to Sell My Boat Quickly

Selling anything can be a hassle. Preparing your item for sale, finding and dealing with potential buyers, agreeing on a price and arranging to make the transaction all take time and organisation. When you're selling a large, valuable item, such as a boat, these things become increasingly important. And at the same time, you usually want to sell your boat as quickly as possible. Anyone who has sold a boat or car knows that it's during this time when things will go wrong and your boat will accumulate more costs. Finding prospective buyers and selling your boat quickly will give you peace of mind while making room for your new boat.

Here is how you can sell your boat quickly with Grays Online boat sales.


Finding the best price to sell your boat for is one of the most important factors when trying to sell your boat quickly. For a quick sale, it can be tempting to drop the price in order to generate interest, but you then put yourself at risk of losing money. On the other hand, if you price your boat too high, it can significantly impact the time it takes to sell your vessel. Deciding on a price to list your boat should take careful consideration. Take a look at similar boats for sale, and consider how your boat stacks up against others for sale. Important things to consider when selling your boat are:

Mechanical and physical condition:

The condition of a boat is largely what determines it's value. Are things like the engine, motor, rudder in good, working condition? Are cosmetic features like seats and canvass in good condition? Does your boat look well cared for? It can be hard to translate these things into a value, but the repair price can be a good indicator.

Repairing or cleaning small faults with your boat can make a huge difference when it comes to your asking price for a second hand boat.


The brand of your boat is another significant factor when it comes to selling your boat. Trusted brands, such as Quintrex and Sea Ray, are known for their quality materials and workmanship and come with a certain level of trust in the market.

Hull type and size

Today, boats come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, all of which impacts the value. Most commonly, boats are made from aluminium and fibreglass. Entry-level trailer boats are often made from pressed aluminium, are generally smaller and more lightweight and feature riveted or welded hulls with simple bench or pedestal seating. Bigger aluminium boats use plate aluminium, which offers better stability and durability. Fibreglass is usually used in bigger boats and is much heavier than aluminium.

Typically, larger boats sell for more, however, as mentioned, the brand of the boat can impact this.


Accessories aren't likely to increase the value of your boat by a lot, however, if you have a few premium accessories, it is possible to ask for more. The main accessories buyers look for are trailers, so if you're considering including your trailer in the sale, ensure it's in good condition and you can ask for a better price.


This is the thing that can make or break a quick sale. Knowing where and how to advertise the sale of your boat is crucial. Today, there are various options when it comes to advertising the sale of your boat. Grays Online is one of Australia's leading online auction marketplaces. With our boat marketplace, your listing has the potential to be seen by millions, and eliminates the risks that come with a private sale. However, this alone isn't enough to guarantee a quick sale. Your listing must include all the relevant information and specifications. Make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to read and understand your listing and what they might be buying.

Once your boat is listed on our marketplace, share the ad on your social media profiles. You can even find designated groups on Facebook where you can share your listing. Of course, the old strategy of towing and parking your boat on the side of a highway or mariner can still work very effectively. Whatever method you use, remember to include your contact details such as a phone number.


After you have generated some interest, you will have to show your boat to prospective buyers. This stage should not be underestimated. Spending the time to repair, clean and wax your boat is definitely worth it. Paying for a full service can also be a good idea, giving you the peace of mind that your boat is in good condition.

When potential buyers come to view your boat, it's likely they have a few different boats in their sights. So, it's important your boat looks it's best, and you're ready with the relevant information and documents including the hull identification number (HIN) and registration papers.

Are you ready to sell your boat? List it today.